Specialized Independent Services

Defense Services

Pacific Aerospace Consulting provides core expertise in specific technical areas to pac-defense-services-infographicenhance and support our customers capabilities. These areas include Systems & Software Engineering, Information & Communications Technology, Synthetic Simulation, Acquisition & Sustainment Logistics and Project Support. These core competencies are provided to our customers in the following areas:


PAC provides Systems engineering, technical and operational certification and accreditation, and expert consultation in support of the acquisition, sustainment and operation of complex military aviation and weaponeering planning products.  We specialize in engineering and certification support services with specific emphasis on understanding the technical airworthiness implications of a mission planning system in accordance with current MIL-STDS, STANAGS and DO standards and each country’s specific airworthiness requirements.  Our staff are highly experienced at supporting Mission Planning Systems and working in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Specific expertise includes: JMPS, PFPS/TAMPS, JMPS Components, GIANT


Over the past 10 years we have developed very unique tactical data link capabilities. Our staff members in this field are highly sought after and are able to provide support for the engineering development, T&E, acquisition and integration of digital communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications to any location.  Some specific expertise areas include:

Specific expertise includes: Link 16/MIDS, Link 11, VMF, COT, MADL, SADL, IER’s


Software engineering in support of on-board aircraft flight systems. Systems-based engineering services from requirements determination through functional and performance specification, design acceptance and verification by test and evaluation.  Our experience has lent us the ability to provide support services to regulatory agencies.

Specifically: Provision of Design Engineers, design acceptance and compliance finding activities, engineering documentation for airworthiness boards, airworthiness authority audits, CONOPS development, requirements definition and tracking, Defining configuration, role, environment of capabilities, and DT&E, AT&E, OT&E


Provision of support services to customer simulator development and test programs through initial acquisition and in-service upgrades, as well as management and support of formal simulator Qualification activities.  Experience in the development of flight test plans for simulators.  PAC developed  and conducts introductory and in-depth training throughout the year.

Expertise: Upgrade, QTG development, Simulator Quality Management, Simulator Qualification Training, Simulator Qualification Support Services

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PAC’s services are a unique solution tailored for the needs of each customer, regardless of industry or sector. We give the customer a blended solution founded on the interdisciplinary fields of technical expertise and project management with the creative approach and of out-of-the-box problem solving. This means maximum return on investment for our clients.

Specific expertise includes: Logistics support, acquisition support, life cycle planning, gap analysis, cost analysis, requirements development, and  traceability.