Specialized Independent Services

Simulator Services

PAC has established a core group of simulator experts with vast experience in simulator engineering, flight testing, software and simulator evaluation backgrounds.  All have worked with the FAA’s National Simulator Program or have prior military experience.

These highly experienced members of our organization have developed a core simulator capability that enables us to provide the following simulator services:


  • Simulator Evaluation Courses – Click HERE to learn more about PAC’s simulator evaluation courses, currently planned to launch mid-2020.


  • Simulator Data evaluation and identification of data issues. Our staff has an extensive background in flight testing, data review and approval. We have specific experience in flight simulation and are able to provide organizations with a flexible contracting arrangement to apply these skills to any simulator issue.


  • Simulator Evaluation or Preparation for Simulator Evaluation. Our staff has specific FAA experience in conducting FAA Simulator Evaluations and we can assist your organization to prepare for your initial and annual evaluations.  If you operate a military simulator or other FSTD that doesn’t require an FAA or other regulatory authority approval then we are able to offer a detailed simulator evaluation equivalent to that provided by the FAA.


  • Qualification Test Guides. We have developed Simulator Qualification Test Guides for a number of military platforms and have assisted organizations to gain qualification of their simulators. We are able to efficiently and effectively develop QTGs for simulator qualification.

If you would like more information on how PAC can assist you and your organisation with our Simulator experience, please email us at simulator@pacaerocon.com