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PAC’s Simulator Evaluation courses are designed for companies that want to learn more about the process of simulator evaluation, or seek help in preparation of an upcoming simulator evaluation.  These classes are useful for military organizations to help in the understanding of common evaluation practices used by the FAA and various simulator authorities around the world.  Courses are led by highly qualified instructors with prior FAA NSP Engineer and other retired FAA Inspectors, each with over 30 years of simulator experience.

Students will receive a variety of classroom information and hands on labs, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to prepare for an upcoming evaluation, or to help with their own internal testing plan.  PAC’s courses enable our customers to continuously improve aviation safety through knowledge and skills of Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) evaluation. This enables our customers to train their staff in the best practices for continuous improvement of flight simulation.

Target Audience

Our courses are designed for Airlines, Military, Simulator companies or any other training organizations that use FSTD’s.  Classes are designed for both organizations and individuals who have requirements to prepare for Simulator Evaluation or would like to gain a better insight into Qualification Test Guides (QTG), simulator hardware, validation data issues and regulations as they pertain to FSTDs.

Course Offerings (Anticipated mid-2020)

PAC plans to offer three course options to meet the needs of our clients.  Our Simulator Evaluation training involves an integrated learning experience of face to face classroom activities combined with practical hands on experience in Full Flight Simulators (FFS) or Flight Training Devices (FTDs).  See below for course outline details (please click on the course title for more information):

Course Location

Courses can be conducted at your facility or at ours.

Student numbers are limited to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

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